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Be the proud owner

of a supermarket

We are the fastest growing supermarket chain in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with 100+ stores across Kadapa and Anantapur

About SuperK

SuperK is the fastest growing supermarket chain in Andhra Pradesh, driven by its mission to bring modern retail experiences to the tier 3 and beyond towns of India. Started by experienced entrepreneurs from BITS Pilani, SuperK is empowering entrepreneurs from small towns to easily own and operate supermarkets using its data-driven, tech-enabled systems and inventory-light business model, along with the benefits of procurement, intelligence, branding and marketing at scale.

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About us
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Join hands with SuperK and become
a successful franchise owner.
Allow us to handle the hassles of running a store so you can concentrate on delighting customers and increasing sales.
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Increased Take-Home Earnings

Automatic Stock Replenishment


Billing and Inventory Systems


Become a SuperK store owner in 30 days and 4 steps:

Network of Significant Distributors and Brands

Step 1 : Choosing a location

Step 2 : Appearance and feel

Step 3 : Procurement and                      operations

Step 4 : Launching your store

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Client Speaks

Shopping Cart
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SLV Supermarket

We’ve been working with SuperK since last year. The onboarding experience was very easy; they helped us end-to-end, from choosing a place to preparing documentation and everything. We realised that we were able to offer better prices to the customers than the nearby stores because of the offers and discounts shared by them. There is no wastage of stock either, because they take back the damaged products that we would have to incur a loss on.

SuperK store owner

Ravi Teja
Daily Needs

Just 6 months after I signed up with SuperK, the sales at my store increased 6x, and my take home increased 10x. Dealing with multiple distributors and keeping track of stock was a huge pain for me, but I don’t have to worry about any of that now. I love seeing my customers have a good experience and stick with me for their monthly shopping.


Store Owner, Kadapa

Operating a supermarket is very tough for an individual, but SuperK made my life easy and tension-free. I can see consistent growth in my income. Now I can provide excellent service, discounts and quality to my customers, all thanks to SuperK!!  

 Benefits of partnering with SuperK

Connect with our store network to easily reach consumers in Tier 2 cities for your products.

Massive Retailer Network

SuperK has co-created close to 40+ stores across 2 towns in Andhra Pradesh and serves over one lakh families.

Huge Scale

Customer Segmentation

Product ​Promotion

Quantified Feedback

Brand Publicity

Super K has proven that our business model is successful and scalable. The 40+ stores we have are a testament to this.

Using the large amount of data available, customer loyalty programmes help to retain customers and influence their shopping behaviour.

Marketing of products by advertising offers and discounts across multiple media.

Customer feedback is the holy grail of data that helps to understand how customers really feel about your product, service, or brand.

Helps your brand expand their reach, boosting brand awareness and generating more interest in your products.

Our Brand Partners



Anil Thontepu super k founder

Anil Thontepu

Anil was last heading product at Kaodim, Malaysia and was earlier handling growth and product at Hike, Byju's & Phonepe.

  • LinkedIn

Neeraj Menta

A second-time entrepreneur. Neeraj co-founded Hungerbox and was a Software developer and PM at Flipkart and PM at Zeta (Directi).

  • LinkedIn

 SuperK was co-founded by Anil and Neeraj. Both seasoned entrepreneurs with strong and diversified skill sets, they began their adventure in college at BITS Pilani. With origins in Andhra Pradesh, the trade of staples and FMCG products has long been a part of their family's business, which has resulted in highly organic motivations and knowledge of the market.


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